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Houston Community College (HCC) is a community college system that operates community colleges in Houston, Missouri City, Katy, and Stafford in Texas. It is notable for actively recruiting international students. Due to recent updates with student loan forgiveness programs, students of Houston Community College may qualify for loan forgiveness. There are varying circumstances around the loan forgiveness, but if you attended HCC at any point we highly advise you call us too see how we can help. To see if you qualify, and learn what steps to take next, give us a call at 855-403-4535.

Student Loan Facts

In 1927, the Houston Independent School District founded its first community colleges, Houston Junior College (for whites), which later evolved into the University of Houston and the Houston College for African American students (now Texas Southern University).
The district founded HCCS after HJC's and HCN's evolutions into the University of Houston and Texas Southern University respectively. In its early days, HCCS once used HISD school campuses for teaching facilities
Houston Community College reports a large number of international students enrolled, over 5,700 in 2015.
New federal laws ensure that students of Houston Community College qualify for student loan forgiveness.
Student Loan Forgiveness

Houston Community College student loans: There are several student loan forgiveness programs available that you may qualify for.

If you attended Houston Community College, regardless of when you attended, you may qualify for partial or even full loan forgiveness.

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